Friday, May 1, 2015

Fireside Chat with King Sir K

Its not often I get to sit and chat with Royalty.  They are way to busy for chatting.  Plus, theres only a few of them.  But K was gracious, and made time for me between planning tourneys (Of Creathorne) and doing Kingly things.  We shared a fantastic meal.  I won't go into details on the food, you will only be jealous.

Before you were a King, and before you were a lord, and before you were a Knight, who were you?  What did you do before adventuring?
I was never really the adventurous one in my family.  It was my little brother Santiago  (better known as Sir Dark) that got me started.  I was a simple woodsman, living a humble life, when he ran off to seek glory as an adventurer.  When I followed to keep an eye on him I never expected to end up here.

So, this isn't  how you imagined your life going?
This is definitely not how I imagined my life going.  I often wonder wonder how I got to where I am, and really just keep coming back to how lucky I've been to have surrounded myself with great people, and to have had unique opportunities to get where I am.

What goals do you have in mind for Blackwood?
Blackwood has gone through a lot since I took control.  We've freed it from the undead curse, added several great people, fought a few wars, defeated the Shadow King, and become a Kingdom. I think at this point the only goal I can really set is that we keep going in the right direction. 

What internal issues does Blackwood face?  
We've recently had to put down an uprising of bandits, that came about as result of the undead curse ending.  In the process of dealing with that I heard about a necromancer that I suspect might be trying to recreate the curse.

Tell me what you do when you are not adventuring?
As King I have a lot to deal with.  It may sound glamorous but governing a country doesn't leave one with a lot of free time.  Sometimes I do find a free moment to cook a nice meal for Jinx or have a few drinks in the local tavern. 

What would you rather be doing?
What would I rather be doing? I'm not really sure how to answer that.  

K, we have seen you go through a lot.  Your friends and lands destroyed, possessed by a demon, targeted by a madman.  Tell us something good that happened to you, that people may not know about.  
Wow, I guess I really have gone through a lot. When you list it like you have here it sounds bad, but these things have all lead to my best moments as well. My brother's death was hard but his sacrifice freed his soul from the darkness that had consumed it.  I was possessed by a demon, but I was freed and saved from destruction by my squire Magnus which earned him his knighthood.  And sure I was targeted by a madman, but that war is what proved Blackwood's strength and elevated us to a kingdom.

What titles do you currently hold?  
I don't really like listing titles, even being referred to as king still makes me uncomfortable. 

Do you currently have a squire?  
I do have a squire that I've been working with for quite a while, unfortunately the demands of running Blackwood have left her somewhat neglected.

What do you look for in Squires?
  It's hard to put in to words what I look for in a squire.  I think the most important thing is a desire to become the best person they can be. 

What would you tell new adventurers?  
The best advice I can give is, whatever the situation act like you are supposed to be there.   Confidence wins more battles than a strong sword are any day.

Not only is K a gracious host, he is honest and humble.  He is certainly on my list of people I would like to know better.  

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