Friday, May 22, 2015

Fireside Chat with Kyara

Most of us know Kyara.  She is a follower of Harlequin, has a beautiful voice, tells some good jokes, hangs out with Lako and is in the relatively new nation of Gau Dring.  Oh, and she's at least part fox. Literally.
Kyara wandered into Ashenmark, so I took the time to feed her, and pepper her with questions.

You are a fox, or a Kitsune?   
A kitsune, but we're pretty much the same thing right? Well, I guess I can make things blow up easier...

Tell us how you fell in with a monkey pooka.  We are all dying to know this story.
As far as Lako goes, I met him at the Feast of Leviathan. I sensed his chaos and madness, and I could relate to that. It intrigued me. So I stole his spellbook. Things went from there, we adventured, he went feral, I made a dead guy an avatar of Garm, it was a good time.

Do you have personal heraldry?  Can you describe it?
I guess my personal heraldry is the same thing I draw on my cups- a fox face with a tail poking around back.

What do you do when not adventuring?
I tend to loaf around, cause general shenanigans and run away before being caught, and make a LOT of tea. I also now have a nation to run, so when I'm not adventuring, I'm generally trying to help my people out with the whole chaos portal issue, and the beasties that live in the area. At least the beasties taste good... Sometimes.

Tell me your happiest moment.
My happiest moment was having that first bite of chicken at Feast of Leviathan. No food had ever tasted better, and I had never been surrounded by so many interesting people and scents. 

Are you squired to anyone?  If not, tell me what knighthood intrigues you the most.
I'm not currently squired to anyone, and to be honest, I'm not sure what knighthood most intrigues me. I'm not actually all that interested in the Knights of Harlequin, I guess the Knights of Chaos, but I'm not going to go out of my way to squire to someone. I'm also interested in the Magi of the Realms, as I am bursting with magics. 

What quest are you working on now?
Right now I'm working on Chicken quest, the quest for more chicken and chicken strips (OOC chicken strips= bacon, Lako lied about what they are), unless of course you're talking about personal quests. I think probably my most obvious personal quest is to become the high priestess of Harlequin. Aside from that, I have this nasty brand on my hand from sometime in the future...good times. I'm still working on getting that off. It bothers me occasionally.

Where did you get your future brand.
I already got the future brand. I get it in the future, but Harlequin sent me and Lako there to see what was going to happen. Wasn't pretty, nope nope, not one bit. They branded us both, then the Realms came and saved us.       

I know you like to eat.  What is your favorite meal?
My favorite meal is probably chicken. Or chicken strips. Or man- steaks (ham steaks, dammit Lako). I also like pastries, a LOOOOT. 

Tell me about your favorite place to rest.
My favorite place to rest is either in a den I dig under a tree or in the giant down-stuffed bed back in Gau Dring. Both are perfect places to curl up and take a nap!

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