Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why I Want to Go: Green and Gold

There is no number after the title on the event announcement to let me (and you) know how long this event has been running.  I would hazard in the early teens at this point.
The premise of the event is relatively simple.  If you start the game before X date, you are on the Gold team.  If you started after, you are on the Green team.  Variations have been tried on this simple formula to account for a balancing act.
Either way, be prepared to kill you friends, foes and countrymen while participating in different exercises of might.
And, of course, the best tourney of the weekend will be Hammer Ball.  It is amazing.
Not really hammerball

At night, I hear the Adventurers Guild has been hard at work coming up with ways to help you make some gold, find adventure, and (maybe) cause mischief.

There is a BBQ for dinner, if you pay and extra $5.  If you pay, you will have no regrets.

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