Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What You Missed - Tournaments of Creathorne 2015 (photos)

[Editor's note: all photos by View staff]

Set up for a day of tournies in the beautiful weather

Jarrod and Meeble go at it in the single short tourney

Sword and shield tourney, Raynor v. Natalia

Lucas v. Teddy, with some very intimidating-looking people in the background

Mage v. apprentice hand-&-a-half showdown; style points for backwards belts

Blade gets some major air time versus Malaki

Gambler's Guild Goody Bag

Some disreputable sorts spending time at the casino

The Neden shops

Duncan versus Torolf, florentine smack-down. Old guys got style.

Dagger fight, Skarda v. Rawlin

More florentine - Rillan v. Lako

Looks like they both had the same move in mind - Killian v. Tmain

This was right before the knife came bouncing back and almost creamed us

Syruss (mostly) hits the mark during the live knife throw

These mugs only look sweet and innocent

I guess we know who lost here -- Tuilli v. Phoenix

Zodiark and Enlon - mano-a-mano

Raynor uses his superior height to taunt Umbra

Check back tomorrow for What You Missed -- Nation Tourney edition!

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