Thursday, June 4, 2015

Behind the Scenes - The Adventurers Guild Demon Wolf from G&G nightquest

While out completing jobs for the Adventurers Guild at this past Green and Gold, the adventurers were beset by a mysterious group calling themselves the Legion of the Ouroborus. During the second half of the quest the adventurers were able to track down the masters of the Legion and interrupt the summoning that was being attempted. The masters were able to escape, leaving the partially-summoned demon wolf behind for the adventurers to deal with. The following pictures depict the process we went through to construct this boss. Enjoy!

Teeth shaped from bent foam noodles are attached to a PVC frame

Testing different angles and teeth placement for the jaws

A pop-up tent forms the monster's main frame; Jason & Heather practice a roar

Building the nose - beach balls in a foam noodle frame
A brow is also formed by inserting two beach balls into the frame of the tent (top left of picture)

Shaping the horns - more foam noodles

Adding the horns to the frame
Cloth is added to the frame as the monster begins to take shape

Eight claws, ready to go

Cloth covers are added to the horns and teeth

Beach-ball eyes are wrapped in a separate strip of cloth and secured to the frame, centered in front of the brows

Red fabric is added to the upper part of the jaw to mimic the top of a mouth
When the jaws open, players are "swallowed" and rush inside to attempt to retrieve quest objects.
A cloth-covered beach ball serves as a fireball that the monster spits each time the mouth opens.

The full demon wolf effect - monster head with two "paws," each with four "claws"

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