Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIWTG: Gilded Lion Summer Festival and G.O.F.E.R.

This weekend is lucky enough to be home to two firsts.  For the sake of brevity, lets just go in order of appearance.
artists concept of elevated burger
On Saturday the 27th of June, Rhiassa presents a new event.  The Summer Festival boasts a variety of tourneys (single combatant and team), carnival games, food, and they even will be testing their new plot.  After the great success of What Lurks Beneath, I think I can honestly say it should be a great time.  Personally, I am very excited about it.  Plus, the event holder used the term "elevated hamburgers"  How could one not be intrigued?

Sunday brings a new day, new event, new site, and a new crew of event holders.  While there is a LOT of experience on this staff, I *think* this is their first endeavor together.  Really, its very exciting.  The short and sweet of this is "Grab 20 of your closest friends.  Or some stragglers.  Head into a dragon's den, and grab the loot.  Run.  Oh, you only have two hours."
Never mind that we got the information from a dragon.  Never mind we are going up against an older, bigger dragon, plus who ever else hangs out in dragon hordes.  It will be worth it for the items, right?
This event is being run in three, 2 hour shifts.  At this point, the event is FULL.  However, Please contact the EHs to find out about the fun in store for those that want to NPC, whether its one shift, two, or all of them.

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