Friday, June 5, 2015

The Gamblers guild presents: The Stacked Deck

Starting at the beginning of this year, We started tracking gambling tournaments similar to how Order of the list tracks combat. The original idea was to keep a secret accounting and award a winner. But that plan sucked, so we have decided to make it public. We have honored, (stolen) OOTL by basing much of how we stack ranked players and what constitutes a poker tournament that should be tracked.

               First: All points are by character, not player

               Second: Tournaments have to be for gold buy in

               Third: All players at the Realms event must have an opportunity to buy in, (if they have the gold) assuming they arrived before the start of the tournament. Note: event holders f                             or the event cannot earn points in a tournament at their own event

               Fourth: 5 for first, 3 for second, 2 for third, 1 for fourth (honored not stolen)

               Fifth: at least 8 players must be in the tournament to qualify for ranking

               Sixth: Gamblers guild can make any other rules it feels like it needs to keep some amount of“fair play”

               Seventh: Don’t be a dick. Don’t hold a tournament in the last 5 min of an event; don’t have someone sit down that does not want to play to make the 8, (if they want to learn that is a different story), etc.

At Feast of Leviathan the top 4 point earners will be awarded something. At this time there will be no final tournament, (maybe next year). Ties will be determined by best single placement, last time both players played in the same tournament, or most recent wins. Or it will be determined by some other mechanic if none of these things work.

If you have an event with a gambling tournament (hold em, dealers choice, blackjack, etc…) and Tao or another Gamblers guild member is not there (it could happen), then please report the top 4 finishers to Tao.

So far this year:

At Feast of Creathorne we started with a full table: 50 Gold buy in, Hold-em only, timed tournament that came down to a chip count:
1st           Rillan
2nd          Tao
3rd          Mathias
4th          Shadow

11)      Rillan                   5
22)      Tao                       3
33)      Mathias                2
44)      Shadow                1

Festival of pi(e)
We had an 8 hour tournament, 50/55 (50 Blackwood or 55 other) gold buy in, Hold-em only, 13 players started. It ended before time ran out (it was close). After the dust settled we had:
1st          Shadow
2nd         Phoenix
3rd          Mathias
4th          Eldritch

Which changed the standings to:
1)      Shadow                6
2)      Rillan                   5
3)      Mathias                4
4)      Phoenix                3
5)      Tao                       3
6)      Eldritch                1

At tournaments of Creathorne there were 2 tournaments:

Unfortunately the 100 gold buy in Saturday night only had 7 players. But for info it was, dealers choice,  Tao in first, Cutter (Face) in second, Bell in third and Shadow in 4th, played to winners.      

The 50 Gold buy in Sunday night had 8 people, Dealers choice, and the results were:
First:                     Tao    
Second:                Methos (Berman)
Third:                    Jayce
Fourth:                 Jinx
This changed the standings to:

1)      Tao                       8
2)      Shadow                6
3)      Rillan                   5
4)      Mathias                4
5)      Methos                 3
6)      Phoenix                3
7)      Jayce                    2
8)      Jinx                      1
9)      Eldritch                1

Some interesting things to note:
Shadow and Jayce are both played by Stephen Hinkle, however points are earned by characters not players. Steve knew this before he decided which character to play.

Methos played by John Berman does not expect to play in any other Tournaments this year, let’s see if we can change that.
The tie for 5/6 and the tie for 8/9 were determined by most recent win. All four characters earned the same amount of points for the same amount of entries (1), neither set of ties played the other so far this year, it came down to most recent to break both ties.

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