Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WIWTG: Night of Living History and North South War

This weekend we will see two great events presented by Folkestone:

A new type of event that helps us understand what our game once was, who was a part of that world, and some of the relics from that world.
Names from times gone by will be on hand telling tales.  A museum of treasures that once held great power will be around for you to peruse.  (non stealable, of course)  And, supposedly, there are rumors of things crunching about the woods, so who knows what will be found for those prone to wandering about?
You can also look forward to practice time, and demos.  Lets not forget the late night snacks!

North South War is a long time war maneuver that many many people love as their favorite event of the year.  While there have been a few different ways the teams are divided up, the original take was to split the map into North and South.  Hence the name.
There are beach battles, line battles, Folkestone Challenge and my personal favorite, Bridge Battles.  But this is just a small portion of what you will run into.  In the evening, there will be a huge, site-wide game of Capture the Flag.
Bring your friends, blood makes the grass grow!

For more details about each event, be sure to check Realmsnet

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