Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WIWTG: Dragon Master 3

This coming weekend, you, too, can "Get Tail in Neden".  No, really, this is the subtitle of the event.  This is the 4th installment on of the Dragon Master series.  In the past, we have learned of a few factions of dragons, there has been a bounty hunt, and a few other tales told.
This year, according to the event description, holds some tourneys of slightly nontraditional types (dancing, pick pocketing) as well as a celebration for the Church of Shadow (did I read that right?)
Saturday promises some questing to help find a piece of a missing staff, to aid the nation of Neden in getting rid of the dragon problem they have.

All in all, Im sure this will be a fun event with many laughs, as well as some great stories to hear.  (and to be told after the event, Im sure)

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