Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What You Missed- A Night of Living History

By Alex "Lucas" Newbold

Journey now to the thrilling adventures of yesteryear!  Sitting around a fire, swapping stories both old and new, laughing, singing, and spending time with folks. People have said for years, that one of their favorite parts of The Realms, is the community, sitting around the fire pit together. That's what this event was.  A scheduled time to do just that.  It was a great time.

The event started out in the main hall, where Radstar had set up the Museum of Realms Artifacts.  Queen of hearts cards, Event Flyers from the 90's, hard copy photographs (pre digital film!) and all manner of event props.  Suits of armor, defunct blue bladed weapons, obscure magic items, scrolls of raise dead, and all manner of small items. Banners, Tabbards, Heraldry, all on display.  It was a sports museum, but with our type of flair to it.

Then we adjourned to the fire pit, where we introduced ourselves, and told stories.  Panther told stories of stalking people at N/S War, of the chaos of throwing early events, and of how he matured as an event holder.  Lady Anne was there, and she told the infamous story of "oh dear, there is a pair of dead bodies here".  She even sang, and recited her epic bardic tale of the death of Sir Pyr.  Only told one other time in the history of the Realms.  Newer folks weren't shy either, Kovacs sang a song of her own writing, about Uncle Cecil's Crazy Tavern.

Snacks were passed around, smores were roasted on the fire, and a few folks wandered off into the woods to see what adventure hid in the darkness. Next time we do this, lets not need an event to do it, lets just sit around and talk to each other more often.  A sense of community won't come without effort from us all.  I'll see you around the fire pit.

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