Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Creathorne Clean Up!!

Creathorne site clean up!
What can you expect? 

We will be doing general cleanup, repairs and rebuilds and if we have the time and money (which Becky says we do) we will be putting on an extension to the tavern. We are not taking down the old one…NOT a Chance!

The plan is to extend the tavern another 40 feet longer. We need to get a roof on the prop shed before the snow flies, and perhaps a roof on the tower as well.

We need to weed-wack and mow the fields. This was much easier when there was a horse here right? Looks like people are pretty busy Friday and Saturday, so it sounds like Cleanup will primarily be on Sunday. People are welcome to come camp Fri/Sat night but nothing really starts till 10am Sunday. Then well then we have Lots to do. The hope is that people can make it up, and EH’s who have used the property, if you cannot make it, please send your body proxies that will work. Work, not just stand around and watch, but work.

Here are some before pictures. We will see the after pictures, after...!

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