Tuesday, October 20, 2015

WIWTG Ashenbounty

Why do I want to go to Ashenbounty?  I want to go to support my countrymen.  Mostly, I want to go to feed you all until you can't comfortably move.  Bring your fat pants, Ive got new dishes and old favorites for you guys.  Plan to eat for about 5 hours.  Also, let us know you are coming so we can plan food.

Enough about me.  Why do YOU want to go?  Come to Ashenmark, where there are troubles in small towns.  I'm sure its nothing, really.  Theres no way it could be a big deal, or we would never knowingly endanger our friends, right?  Right!
On a semi serious note, I know the team has been working very hard to provide an interesting storyline with engaging characters, role playing, neat props and a few surprises.
Please dress warm, its going to be a little chilly.  There are cabins which are not heated, but DO have electricity.

And NO ROBOTS!  (well, only a couple, but they're cool)

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