Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WIWTG: KoEF Questing; Nighthawk's Jamboree

Once again we turn to one of the knighthoods of the game for a day of entertainment.  This time of year, the Knight of the Eternal Flame seek to provide you with a quest worthy of your Saturday.
The event description promises a good time, as the new Knight Commander, Nighthawk, really enjoys frivolity and pie.  Im sure there will be loads of both.

But beyond the IC description, I can tell you the knights have been working hard between their many other projects to bring you an addition installment from the storyline introduced last year, and mentioned at the KoEF tourneys.

With the combined Realms experience of about a million years comes a lot of frazzled minds, and from these frazzled minds comes some fun stuff.  Come on by UConn on Saturday for a day of fun, frivolity, and fighting, and possibly other things that don't start with "F".

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