Tuesday, October 13, 2015

WIWTG: Oaken Guard Fall Training

This weekend, visit UConn to get some more points in for OotL (Thats Order of the List for you new players, or really old players)  Tourneys fill the day.  Some will be geared just for new players.  This is exciting as it means new players can get in on the action, and old players can sit and watch.  Maybe coach, maybe mock.  Depends on the type of the person, I suppose.  Either way, have a blast this weekend!

If tourneys are not your thing, consider swinging by Little Creathorne Farm to help with clean up.  This is a site used multiple times a year for Realms events.  Unlike most of our sites, this property is owned by one of our own.  Helping tidy up this site is an investment in future events.

Players seem so young now

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