Friday, October 16, 2015

What You Missed: KoEF Questing 2015: Nighthawk's Jamboree (photos)

An artist's rendition of Nighthawk at his celebratory jamboree

Tossing a ball to knock over cups, just one of the many fine games at Nighthawk's celebratory jamboree

What is a jamboree without hoop rolling?

And of course, Nighthawk was a gracious host, providing ample delicious refreshments for his guests.

The heroes of the Realms fight their way to Hollow World, hoping to bring aid to the people whose lives they shaped.

The way forward involves fighting over a dangerous pitfall.

 The elder explains to the heroes how the tribes United to worship the gods that are created by the god makers of the Realms

 Drawing armor and weapon combos for Tywin's challenge 

Fighting in the challenge of Tywin to earn his blessing

A troll worshiper of Caleal (of Ashenmark) gets into an argument with Gau Dring

 Finding a comfortable seat during the Proving Ground challenges

 Attempting the challenge of The Captain

A group attempts to defeat the challenge of time and freedom, solving puzzles to escape the room they are locked in.

 Navigating the challenge of Caleal of Ashenmark to receive his blessing

Hungry Hungry Heroes

The heroes were tasked with gathering the colored orbs while bring rolled around.

 Frozen in place, turned into statues of gold

The shrine of Tywin, God of Battle and Luck, sitting atop the Mountain of the Prophets

 The shrine of Caleal (of Ashenmark), God of Dexterity and Speed

 The shrine of Memoral, God of Magic and Intutition

The shrine of The Captain, God of Morality and Command

 The Unnamer, the forgotten God, seeks to stop the heroes from escaping the Gloaming.

 The prophets, restored to their positions on the mountain, thank the heroes of the Realms who saved them.

[Editor's note: all photos by View staff]

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