Tuesday, October 27, 2015

WIWTG: Black and White

Our community sees very few events that simply ooze culture like the event this weekend does.  The Black and White is a long standing, well loved event that centers around culture.  The daytime features fun quests from various event holders to help entice you into stories while entertaining you.  As the sun sets, people ditch their armor and don their finest garb, traditionally in, you guessed it, black and white.  Many people choose to wear a mask, as tradition says Death walks the ball, and if s/he sees your face, you could be doomed in the next year.
While you avoid Death's glance, you can gorge yourself on the culinary delights from the Chimeron kitchen. (skip the crabbies.  To spare you, please send them directly to me.)  There is a dessert competition which is not something to miss.
Court at Black and White tends to be Chim-centric, for obvious reasons, but many groups, nations, and knighthoods will make important announcements.  I always find it interesting and often entertaining.  I am sure Sit Wil will have his casino set up at some point.  And don't forget the auction!  Tickets for the auction can be earned and purchased in various ways throughout the day.
The dancing is always sort of entrancing to me.  Dancing itself sort of terrifies me, as I hate hurting people, but I do enjoy seeing people have so much fun while gliding around to music.
One last thing:  The mail box.  Specifically, Father Yule's mail box.  If you are looking for something special to aid you in a quest, a new pair of mittens, or a shiny new dagger, maybe a letter to Father Yule will help you on your path.  If you cannot attend the event for some sad reason, pass your letter off to a friend.  But its best if you deliver it yourself, really.  (There are certain rules about the letters, which will be placed near the box.  Please pay attention.)

In short, go to the event, immerse yourself in culture.  Have fun!

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