Friday, April 22, 2016

Advice for Newbies, from Formerly Fresh Faces, Part Two

Fresh Faces
Compiled by Becky "Kovacs" Baron

Since 2012, The View from Valehaven has periodically conducted interviews in our Fresh Faces series. One of the questions asked is "What advice would you give other new players?"

Here is part two compilation of advice from the previous Fresh Faces of the Realms to the newest generation:

Aspire to something because once you have a goal and you get enticed by the LARP you will have tons and tons of fun. Also make new friends because who else is going to look out for you? and LARPING alone is no fun.  
-- Brendan "Hayden" Lam (Friday, September 12, 2014)

Don’t be afraid to go and talk to people in this game. You can’t meet new people unless you say “hello”. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions.
-- Joshua "Enlon" Whelan (Friday, September 26, 2014)

Try to learn something from everyone you meet whether they have been in the realms long or not.
-- Ben "Kyro" Hamilton (Friday, October 10, 2014)

Regardless of what happens in game, don't ever let it get to you out of game. Stuff goes down that doesn't need to go down if you allow these two worlds to merge like that. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions; there are a variety of ways to learn but experience isn't always the best first option. Most importantly, get to know the people! Sit down at Garharz's table and play cards, attend a feast and talk to people, spend some time around a fire. The more you get to know people the more fun everything can be. :]
-- Macayla "Sarabi" Wells (Friday, October 24, 2014)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. At the worst you’ll get a snide remark, but much more likely you’ll get your question answered and then some.
-- William "Viro" Beatty (Friday, November 7, 2014)

When you get to an event, just go out there and suck for a while. If you’re new, you’re not going to be slaying dragons by yourself, and you’ll learn a lot faster if you throw yourself into the thick and die a few times. Stick with your friends and hopefully if they’re good friends they’ll keep you well enough alive.
-- Michael "Swoop" Zajac (Friday, January 16, 2015)

Relax, ask questions, listen to the monologue-ing, watch what's going on, and offer to help. Relax! Seriously. A lot of folks that larps attract have anxiety problems, or at least a high level of that awful social awkward. Don't be afraid to stick your foot in your mouth, or accidently ask a noble for plebian help. As long as you're not a total butthead OOC, there's nothing to worry about. If you make enemies and you really didn't mean to, you can pick up a different character: it's like changing your hairstyle.
If you're alright with a sword, find a spot in the line that's got a gap and pair up with someone who knows what's going on. Follow their lead, play support for them even if it amounts to jumping in front of hits. You'll learn with practice and experience, and soon you'll be the one a newbie is following around. Also, ask for sparring and tips. When the 'thinky types' are the ones busy. It happens sometimes, and the heavy fighters tend to get a bit restless.
If you're afraid of getting in the way in a fight, flutter at the back of the lines and haul corpses to the healers. None of the good fighters really want to risk breaking the line, and the heavy healers have set up circles that keep them from getting dead themselves. And when there's no one left alive to fight, we all lose. By the time you're in good shape from all the running, you'll have learned a few spells. Also: Heal Limb or Repair Armor/Item are good choices if you're going to be part of the corpse line, as it keeps some of the fighters from needing to be carried away.
If there's a puzzle going on, take a look and see if it's something you're good at. Even if it's not, give it a try. You might see something the regulars missed.
-- Kimberly "Desiree" Lougee (Friday, January 30, 2015)

Definitely take some time to meet people. Also, definitely get involved in plot. It is especially hard to get involved in plot as a newbie, but will definitely help out getting a character who is invested in things and is interesting to roleplay. So, meet people, and also find plot to be involved in.
-- Brian "Crispin" Rubenstein (Wednesday, March 4, 2015)

Okay so there is this guy in Blackwood with a jester hat. He takes that thing really seriously, do not talk about the hat. Just trust me you don't want to get scalped over this.
-- Ethan "Jean Baptise" Goldman (Friday, April 24, 2015)

Interact with the more experienced players, you can learn a lot from them, and they generally enjoy helping newer players.  In my experience, most players are friendly in character, and nearly all are friendly out of character, so really just go up and introduce yourself.  If you see they’re a good fighter, maybe ask for some pointers, or to spar a couple of rounds.  You go to these events to interact with people, so do your best to interact as much as you can.
-- Brian "Bludwin" Healy (Friday, May 8, 2015)

Just to have fun and be yourself. Meet many people. Don't be afraid to ask for help. People are willing to as long as you are respectful.
-- Taylor "Roarke" Struthers (Friday, June 12, 2015)

Find what interests you most, stick with it, and put yourself out there as much as you can. People with the same interests will eventually pick up and remember you. Even if you have a bad event or practice never give up, it happens to everyone, and above all else enjoy yourself! We come to the Realms to have fun.
-- Gregory "Daekara" Falconer (Friday, June 26, 2015)

Just get out there and do stuff. Don't be afraid talk to npc's/pc's do stupid things (obviously nothing too detrimental) get involved and most importantly enjoy yourself.  

-- Miguel "Neko" Rivera (Friday, July 31, 2015)

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