Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What You Missed, Neden BBQ

Neden BBQ
Where the BBQ tools are classier than you
(editors note: All Photos by Dustin Mack) 

Photo By Dustin Mack
What's a spring barbecue without a little blood-sport? 
Photo by Dustin Mack
The BBQ featured traditional Neden fare, such as Burgers, Hotdogs, and Tater Salad. Suspiciously not featured: Dehydrated human flesh, Baptise "dropped the ball" on that.  Note the impressive BBQ tool featured, be jealous.
Photo by Dustin Mack
Editors Note: The source of the wings is unknown, and Baptiste rambled too much when I asked him for commentary. I would suppose, you should not ask.

Photo by Dustin Mack
While Neden's many in-house items cover a variety of uses, from seer spells to armor piercing. Perhaps their greatest weapon was the cold spear of situation comedy.

Photo by Dustin Mack

What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want it? BRAINS!

Photo by Dustin Mack

Neden's former vizier shares a bonding moment with Dresden and the nation's newest petitioner Gumbo. Eventually he had to give the snake back.

Kara Akiak declared her allegiance and received her Thorn Valley petitioner tabbard, three cheers for her! 
Photo by Dustin Mack

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