Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What You Missed, Saurabian Tourneys!

WYM Saurabian Tourneys
By Jean Baptiste

Well first thing first I won something! I don’t remember what a little girl stabbed me and the rest was a haze of flitting in and out of consciousness and or life, but I have dice now so I guess I won something. Also KingSir Malaki of Folkestone called me a weenie and I cried. 

But enough about me!

OOTL tournaments were had, featuring faces such as Tolorlf, Sir Tao, and newcomer Ant (From the Underwhere, which is Saurabia’s basement or something).  Relatively standard, plus there was a blackjack table, no that wasn’t a tournament.

However this is Saurabia and that means nothing is Standard. Saurabia likes to try new things, this in the form of Announsaur. Picture that one guy who watches you play Rhiassan Risk over your shoulder, judges you, and tells the guy next to him what you are doing. Now make him a dinosaur. That’s this guy.

Joining Announsaur in his task of judging everyone was Spooker T and yours truly. In addition several other tournaments were used, including  Throwing Knives (Made entirely of pumice, and had a tendency to get stolen), and the ancient Saurabian weapon of the Wobblade. To understand a Wobblade most people would call it “a pool noodle” but that ruins the nuance. A Wobblade for instance, can be two pool noodles and you are blindfolded. 

Who knows what excitement the next Saurabian event will hold?


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