Friday, April 1, 2016

Cal and Ethan Bardic performed at Feast of Creathorne

Syruss and Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste: Strange as it may seem, they give New Adventurers nowadays very peculiar names.
Syruss: Funny names?
Jean Baptiste: Nicknames, nicknames. Now, in the Neden Castle we have Who's blacksmithing, What's Cooking, I Don't Know is Quarter Master--
Syruss: That's what I want to find out. I want you to tell me the names of the fellows at Neden Castle!!!!!!
Jean Baptiste: I'm telling you. Who's blacksmithing, What's cooking, I Don't Know is Quartermaster---------
Syruss: You know the fellows' names?
Jean Baptiste: Yes.
Syruss: Well, then who's Blacksmithing?
Jean Baptise: Yes.
Syruss: I mean the fellow's name making our gear.
Jean Baptise: Who.
Syruss: The fellow forging the swords.
Jean Baptise: Who.
Syruss: The guy on with a hammer in his hand.
Jean Baptise: Who is Blacksmithing.
Syruss: Well, what are you askin' me for?
Jean Baptise: I'm not asking you--I'm telling you. Who is Blacksmithing.
Syruss: I'm asking you-- Blacksmithing?
Jean Baptise: That's the man's name.
Syruss: That's who's name?
Jean Baptise: Yes.

Syruss: When Jayce pays off the Blacksmith every month, who gets the money?
Jean Baptise: Every coin of it. And why not, the man's entitled to it.
Syruss: Who is?
Jean Baptise: Yes.
Syruss: So who gets it?
Jean Baptise: Why shouldn't he? Sometimes his wife comes down and collects it.
Syruss: Who's wife?
Jean Baptise: Yes. After all, the man earns it.
Syruss: Who does?
Jean Baptise: Absolutely.

Syruss: Well, all I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's Blacksmithing?
Jean Baptise: Oh, no, no. What is cooking.
Syruss: I don’t know what’s cooking.
Jean Baptise: : I don’t know Quartermaster!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Syruss: Neden Have good Defenses?
Jean Baptise: Oh, absolutely.
Syruss: The Archers name?
Jean Baptise: Why.
Syruss: I don't know, I just thought I'd ask.
Jean Baptise: Well, I just thought I'd tell you.
Syruss: Then tell me who's manning the gate with Bow?
Jean Baptise: Who's pBlacksmithing.
Syruss: Stay off of the odd job! The Archers name?
Jean Baptise: Why.
Syruss: Because.
Jean Baptise: Oh, he's on the Oil.
Syruss: Wait a minute. You got executioner?
Jean Baptise: Wouldn't this be a fine country w i t h o u t a executioner?
Syruss: Tell me the executioner 's name.
Jean Baptise: Tomorrow.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Syruss: Now, --me being a good Neden Soldier--I want to get a new sword I take my Weapon order to who?
Jean Baptise: Now, that's he first thing you've said right.
Jean Baptise: Don't get excited. Take it easy.

Another guy gets his order its for his Sword and shield its for our Sword and Shield guy………
Jean Baptise: Because.
Syruss: Because?????Why? I don't know. And I don't care.
Jean Baptise: What was that?
Syruss: I said, I DON'T CARE!
Jean Baptise: Oh, that's our Harbormaster!


Lord Nymbous:: Syruss who Is going to raise him and fix this mess......

Syruss: Nope He is apparently our Blacksmith

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