Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blackwood Nashua Practice

Blackwood, Nashua NH, Practice 
By Neil Tozier

"I believe that the Blackwood / Nashua NH Fight Practice at this point is the longest running Realms fight practice in the game*.  It was started circa 1992 by a group of people in the greater Nashua area prior to actually attending our first Realms event.  Some names that people may recognize are: Ben 'Sir K' Greene, Paul 'Nigel' Cote (retired from Realms), and myself. There are a number of people whose names I left off as they are no longer active in the game [such as Eric Garbos, Tim Smith, Kane Cunningham, and others that were there when the practice was founded in Jay Taylors front yard. Also known as the middle of the road.] Although the locations [Denny's Parking lot, Holman Stadium, Commuter Parking lot] and contact names have changed over the years Nashua Fight practice has always been a staple in the nicer months. In recent years we have encountered a lower attendance than those early years but most of the people who go now are there to practice fighting not talking. Practice also generally runs from 4:30pm until about sundown currently."
-Neil Tozier

What does YOUR practice have to offer that other practices don't offer?
We provide weapons for newbies to use and have several pre-first event newbies that show up on a regular basis.  We have and will provide one on one training to new comers.

Do you provide drinking water? 
While we do not provide drinking water many of us bring some just in case someone forgets, and the oldest grocery store in Nashua is just a quick couple minute walk down the road,

Are there Rest Rooms?
This is a public park.  There are no restrooms on this side of the park, but there are on the far side just a few minutes walk away.

Do you have regular Order of the List members there fighting, or teaching?
Chris 'Jaha' usually shows up and Ben 'Rodhe' used to come quite often.  There are a number of people who make the top 16 invite list every year that attend this practice.

Do you practice once a month with armor and spells?
Every 4th Wednesday is supposed to be spells and armor practices but it seems that its rare that people are actually interested in doing this.  If there was more interest we would do this more often.

Do you have an indoor space in case of New England Weather?
No.  We fight in the rain.
We used to fight in the snow too... but we got old and lazy.

How is the parking situation?
Parking is along the road. There is usually more parking then we have needed.

Are there nearby places for dinner before practice?
Most people go to dinner after practice. Nashua has a ton of restaurants within 5 minute drive of the park.  There is a group that routinely goes to Ruby Tuesday (they have a salad bar) after practice together. 5Guys is also another popular destination.

We try to change things up a little every week. Staple activities include Grand Melee, Bear Pit, Ditch Line Battles, 2 v 1, squad battles, etc.

-Neil and Keith

*Editors Note
Shots fired folks! What do you have to say? Is your practice older than 1992?  Do you have a claim to fame about your fight practice?  Contact the View from Valehaven staff and let us know about it!  Remember, the more people that know about the benefits of YOUR practice, the more likely you are to get folks to show up.

So, you got what it takes?  Tell us about it!

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