Thursday, May 5, 2016

What You Missed - Dreamweaver II by Britny "Tarja" Fowler

A tale told by Tarja of her… their recent travels.

“The other day I again experienced a waking dream. I was at Gabriel’s when I fell asleep for the night and next thing I knew was in the woods with Tuilli, Kyram, and Eoin of the Oaken Guard. It was not as a normal dream, it was again very real. We fought nightmares through the woods, many more this time than the last. We ran through the trees, sun pouring down through this time instead of rain; it was warm. Again there were locked chests throughout with riddles that we needed to solve to open the chests. In some we found gold, in others beads as we journeyed along. We also found a larger chest, the riddle to open it was a combination of the riddles from the others, unfortunately we could not crack this riddle quickly and moved on.

As before we came across odd challenges, first we were given words by strange dream spirits that we then had to act out for each other to guess… Did you know that Leviathan was once called Feast of Rhiassa? I didn’t until then. After we defeated that challenge the spirits vanished into mist and we continued on, running up and down hills, crossing logs over a river, continuing to unlock chests and fight strange nightmares.

Eventually we came to our next challenge. For some reason we were handed an orange and told we had to pass the orange to each other without using our hands or arms in any way and then place it in an open chest at the end… This was quite a sight to behold I’m sure. I tried to hold it in my teeth but instead ripped a chunk of peel and flesh out of the orange and caused it to roll away. After this we went with a plan Tuilli had. This reminded him of a challenge him and his son had done at Hogwarts, so they showed us how it was done. Tucking the orange up under our chins we then passed it to each other, chin to chin, and finally after a couple of tries made it in.

Leaving this challenge a dark shroud of nightmare energy began to chase us as we quickly ducked down a small, hidden side path full of hills, ruts and rocks in an attempt to lose it. Which we eventually succeeded. As we continued on into yet another challenge.

 A member of our team was given an item that when they threw it would activate into a dangerous spell, to touch it would kill us. We had to use various tools around us to get this spell through the woods and into a container to safely hold it. Alas though we spent about 10 minutes trying with all our might, and laughing at Tuilli as he held my marn by its scabbard attempting to use the shield to knock the spell into the open chest the spirits who set the challenge and the spell ball and chest vanished before we were successful.

We returned to our journey through the woods, continuing to fight off our nightmares when eventually another challenge appeared before us. This time there were three blindfolds, a chest full of different colored balls, and an empty chest a distance away. The dream spirits explained that we were to blindfold ourselves and throw the balls into the empty chest, but any red ball that entered the chest and we would lose points. To succeed and earn a bead from them we needed 10 points. Tuilli stood behind the empty chest, calling to us non-stop while those of us who were blindfolded aimed in the direction of his voice. He told us when we had a red ball and to throw it away or when to aim for the chest. We quickly got the 10 points we needed but the dream spirits let us continue as they laughed at us for a while before finally vanishing, leaving us with another bead.

Again we continued our journey, as the dream sun moved across the sky. When again another challenge appeared, though this was to be the last. We were by the river as the spirits appeared before us, an empty chest on one side of the river and a sling and a small pile of balls on the other. It was explained that we must get three balls across the river using the sling and into the empty chest. Tuilli ran about with the chest, bouncing and juggling the balls as he caught them while Kyram mastered the art of the sling. Quickly we impressed the spirits as we completed the challenge faster than they expected and gave us our bead before again vanishing into mist. 

We continued on a short while longer, chatting as the sun went down in the dream sky. The last thing I remember before waking was dream Tuilli telling me to return home as I have not been since Feast of Creathorne. So that is where I return to now"

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