Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why I Want To Go: Feast of Chimeron 24 (Feastening and Questening)

Oh man.  How many people are out there who plan to go this weekend that are younger than this event?  Unsettling thought to me.
Lets just keep going, shall we?

Feast of Chimeron has long been a place for setting the bar for culture that few nations have been able to meet.  Want an example?  Aside from yummy food, shopping and a casino, there is a Music Menu.  Did you hear me?  a MUSIC MENU.  As in, you look at the list, and say "I would like to order this song" and it will be performed for you, at your table.  Or maybe you can send the performers to another table to woo someone.  How could they not be impressed?


Its time we face a fact:  epic quests are hard to find.  GOOD epic quests even harder.  However, the threat of the Iron Road paving its way though Fae has captured the interest of many.  Some say the Risen Kingdom must be stopped at all costs.  They already have made it clear they are not in Fae for picnics and parties.  A few people have muttered to becoming allies with the Risen Kingdom, but who listens to those guys?
No matter which side you fall on, you will face challenges, interesting characters, and all sort of encounters this weekend.

Contact the EHs about cabins, and see the event description for details about where to park, and the planned schedule for the weekend.  

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