Thursday, May 12, 2016

What You Missed - Feast of Chimeron - The Feastening by Catherine "Rayne Nosetti" White

Yet again, Chimeron welcomed all to revel and share joys among good food and even better company, even despite the very wet weather! It was a small, but boisterous gathering of people with wonderful conversations, old friends acquainting, and of course, gambling.

 The appetizers were delightful! There were the most addictive fried zucchini coins with a delectable dipping sauce. I feel I ate more than my personal share and I have a feeling the servers purposefully came my way with mischief in their eyes. In addition, there were also mozzarella/tomato/basil shish-kabobs with a wonderful vinaigrette, French onion soup tarts, and bread baked with spinach and artichoke in the middle. I had to restrain myself from eating too much else I ruin my appetite for the main dishes.

Though perhaps my eyes may have missed it, I sadly did not see any bard or music menus nor any ordering of lovely music. However, King Cecil himself was wooed by his nation with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" and a most delicious-looking birthday cake (it was vanilla). That, however, was by the far not the best this nation had done. All of Chimeron honored their king with a most beautiful wooden throne. A lovely glass rendition of the Chimeron crest was placed in the back and leather pillow adorned it for seating pleasure. King Cecil seemed overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

Sadly, court did not stay a jovial and fun meeting. A messenger speaking words from Queen Nimbus Borealis Bouquet reminded us all of the dark elves and their ill-conceived plans to twirl and redirect time to their own demands and wants. However, something of her grandfather’s may perhaps help us in the task of thwarting the dark elves’ plans. Finally, Squire Phoenix Rose of Nosetti, was awarded an accolade from her knighthood within the Knights of Hinterlands, a new knighthood announced. This knighthood follows many different tenants, one of them being courage. In response to her bravery in damaging the Iron Road to Fae Wildes resulting in injuries she received an accolade, Battle Raven, for following the tenant of courage.

The food seemed lacking compared to the amount of last year, but still tasted pretty great and seemed appropriate considering the head count of attendees. The first course was a choice between a vegetarian chili and chicken corn chowder, the next course was a shepards pie with a Chimeronian spin on it, carrots and green beans, and a cornbread-topped barbeque chicken dish that I found very delicious. The desert was a wide assortment of a cobbler, lemon tart, cherry pie, and chocolate pie (my personal favorite).

Oh, and let’s not forget the birthday cake! Happy Birthday King Cecil!

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