Friday, May 20, 2016

Happenings on the Emerald Path - Graduation Edition

Mackenzie Garbos, whose character Rani (Valley Girl) hails from Thorne Valley (a Blackwood province) is graduating from Elm St Middle School in Nashua NH, and will be starting her high school career in the fall. Best of luck

Photo provided by Becky Garbos
Pi "Kwido" Fisher graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Saturday May 14th, earning a degree in Mathematical Sciences. 

Photo by Jesse Gifford

 David "Tirvanel" Rubenstein also graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Saturday, May 14th, earning his degree in Robotics Engineering.

Photo by Matt Norris

Catherine "Rayne Nosetti" White graduated on on Saturday, May 14th from Southern New Hampshire University with an Associate's Degree in IT.

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