Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ask Syruss

Dear Syruss,

There's so many paths of magic out there with so many spells to chose from, I can't help but feel so overwhelmed! Healer, blacksmith, sorcerer, necromancer - help! You seem like a guy who knows what he wants - how can I decide which path is right for me?


Losing my (Magical) Mind


Dear You’re In Good Company, Who Needs Minds Anyways (henceforth known as Y.I.G.C.W.N.M.A, pronounced *yeeg**cwin**ma**)

I hear ya, so many paths of magic, YET NOT ENOUGH!!!! I NEED MORE, MORE, MORE I TELL YOU!!!! THE GODS WILL TREMBLE AT THE MIGHT OF MY-- er, ahem, er, I mean -- yeah, so many choices, so many choices…..

I always choose magic based off of my immediate needs. I find once you are able to bend the physics of one magical plan it is easy to grasp the small connections that makes casting similar.

Best question to ask yourself: “WHAT DO U WANT TO DO????”

Once you answer this, most of the time you’ll know which path of magic to pursue, I mean most of the schools of magic contain the names of the things people are seeking to do.

You want to heal be a healer, you want to channel your god? Be a channeler. You want to see the future become a Seer, heck you want Assassin become an assassin-er…um, er, ok not a perfect example but you get the point.

Not sure on specifics? Maybe you have a general idea.
There are three general types of Magic. Support Magic, Offensive Magic, Plot Magic.

I know what you are thinking: “Syruss, what? Are you Bananas?” The short answer is yes; the long answer shouldn’t be written down, but hear me out on this magic thing.

Sure there are other spells and not all of them will seem like they fit in those three categories but let’s just look and see.

Support Magic: Magic that helps another adventurer (Raises, Repairs, Aura of Protection, Weapon Augments ETC)

These are the types of Magics you find on your healers, blacksmiths, shamans and buy-down-mancers. They are the friendly bunch behind the lines that you are often yelling “ARM...ARRRRMM….SOMEONE HEAL MY ARM!!!!!” at and are the ones responsible for fixing it and keeping you in between them and harm.

They fix you, heal you, and generally hate you when you yell so be kind to those at your behind…

Combat Magic: Magic you can use to inflict harm (Magic Missile, Lightinbolt, Armor Piercing, Poison, Disease, and Transformation)

These types of spells make you, the caster, into the weapon.

With these spells accompanied with some protection spells (Armored Cloak, Resist Death, Resist Magic, and Protection from Missile) you will be a formidable force flying throughout the ranks casting your destruction without fear of harm or reprisal.

Lastly some of my favorite: Quest Magic: (Guidance, Fortune Tell, Find the Path, Divine Aid, Precognition, Intervention, Foretell, Séance, Vision and Prophecy)

This is perfect if you want to coast through a quest. Don’t know the riddle? QUEST MAGIC. Forgot the Main Villain's Weakness that was written down on a Tomb in room 3? QUEST MAGIC. Want to ask the gods to return your friend's soul but get a Pie instead (no seriously, this happened to me I was the worst Channeler ever)…you guessed it, QUEST MAGIC.

Quest magic is super helpful, and can add a ton to your weird schtick. It can be as creative as you want to be, limitations are that of your imagination and the local gods' willingness to fly by the cuff.

But you have options and it is super easy to learn spells now too. The time gods have long vanished with the mandatory dagger-carrying gods and church or guild worshiping gods, so now it is easier than ever to become an all-powerful mage.

Also if you learn a bunch of spells and hate them be patient, in like a few months the gods will say you can pick a whole spellbook's worth of spells…that is, unless you are a figher.

Until next time kids, hope this helps sorry if it doesn’t and remember it is like Sir Lord Nymbous O’Leary always says: “What do you mean there is no protection path anymore, at least they didn’t mess with my embrace…..WHAT, NOOOOOO...”

Love Always,

Sir Syruss O’Leary

Knight of the Blue Rose
Knight of the Potentium
Love Guru
Champion of Min
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