Friday, April 14, 2017

What You Missed, Feast of Eagles Rook

What You Missed:
Feast of Eagle's Rook 3
By Diana "Kiira" LaPierre
Candle flames simulated for safety

Saturday brought with it good weather, good food, and good company. Feast of Eagle's Rook 3 had plenty of activities to choose from. There was eating, fighting, politics, chatting, eating, and manipulating time magic.

Since it was a feast, let us begin there. They began the day with the usual snacks, such as crackers, delicious spreads with cream cheese and jams, dips and dipping devices, and, let's not forget bread and butters. The appetizers were plentiful and delicious and even the littlest feasters were not forgotten about: there was a large bowl of multicolored goldfish crackers, which I'm fairly certain was the majority of what my child ate.

After the appetizer course, there was a soup course in which I partook of the butternut squash soup. It was creamy and had the right amount of seasoning. Served with the soups was something called tack(I think) and looked cool but I didn't try it. Following the soups was a tossed salad course, but I was too preoccupied with appetizers, because I loved the cream cheese spreads. Mmmmmm. Cheeeeeeses.

What was I saying...? Oh, yes! The next course was cottage pie or the white sauce lasagna with spinach and cheese. I obviously ate the latter and really enjoyed it. It had the right amount of sauce, cheese, and spinach to noodle ratio. It was quite pleasant. And, for those of the unadventurous variety, there was a noodle with cheddar plate(Mac and Cheese!).

The final course was a variety of cookies, which I had only two types. I had some delicious little bite sized ginger snap cookies that went really well with the seemingly endless supply of coffee and hot cocoa. I also tried one of the matcha cookies(even though I wasn't supposed to[#worthit]) which was like a sweet green tea cookie with a really good consistency and caffeine!

Let me say that I'm one of those annoying Feast Guests that has a food intolerance. Janna went above and beyond to accommodate for it and everyone else's who informed her that they were coming in advance. At every meal, she was sure to label everything clearly and have something available for me, even though I can barely have anything. She announced for people with children and food allergies to come up first, which was a great way of ensuring that people could eat what they were served.

As far as other content, there were full-time NPCs who were interacting with all of the event-goers who wanted a role-playing experience. They were some sort of foreign dignitaries, but I was too occupied with other matters to talk to them. One was playing a really fun game with two teams and word associations where you were trying not to kill innocents, which was a nice change of pace compared to trying to quest with the current Realms Mob Mentality. There ended up being a large gathering of National Representatives, and folks where there with talks of a treaty.

Simultaneously, there were tournaments and monster pits running throughout the day. Competitors were able to fight different monsters in a series of levels and puzzles. Then, they were able to compete against each other in a few different types of fighting tournaments.

Also included in the entertainment was a game with bartering and fodder! It was so exciting that they even had a bell and a bunch of people rushed toward it when it rang. They really wanted that fodder. Aeston ran the game and it kept people very entertained. The Creathorne Casino set up shop and there was also a poker tournament full of cold-hearted folks who wouldn't wait for the person HELPING THE EVENT RUN BY PUTTING LABELS ON BAGS IN AN ENTERTAINING WAY!!!

There was also a "Time Snarl" which I'd never heard of until Saturday, and which my character was upset did not come with some sort of warning label. Plus, it was super nice looking and shiny and was asking to be touched! Anyway, shenanigans ensued. Everyone made it home safely, some of us magically more rested than others.

The event was finished up with a ticketed auction, where folks were able to gain tickets throughout the day by playing games and fighting in the pits and tournaments. The prizes included fun labeling provided by yours truly! But, more importantly, the prizes were really cool! There was an entire dish set to get scooped up by the lucky winner! There was a homemade octopus stuffed animal, mystery boxes, labyrinths, event entries, alcohol consumption devices, and more!

All-in-all, the event was a great value and there was something there for every type of player. I'd like to thank the event staff who provided us fun throughout the day and the event holder who put on an entertaining one-day feast experience. Hope to see you all next year at FoER 4!

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  1. I always put warning on time snarls I see, but....some butmunches take them down thinking it is funny or that they can fix them...YOU CAN'T FIX THEM!