Thursday, August 9, 2018

What You Missed- Creathorne Capture the Flag

By Patrick (Quill) Morgan


Quill speak little common. Please forgive. I do best.
Quill lose home to fire, go search new home. Find many in strange place. Talk of prize, Quill joined with hope of help.
Find many friends, Quill is thank you.

Quill join friend in search for flag. Find flag get prize and Quill want prize.
While Quill find friend, I also find trust hard to give. No trust team. I watch as team kill innocent life of friend Kara who teach Quill spell to heal. Is no good. Bad. I no trust.

I watch flag go back to start many time. Always try best to catch flag but no luck. I hear rumor of trolls. Thought Trolls try hunt Quill at one point! Is bad!
At one point Quill see dragon! DRAGON! Never see dragon before and dragon was king, share cold crunch thing. Is good!

We go out again, find friend Kara. We trust and help! Later we sit on bridge, we wait for flag, attack when flag close. We talk with Sir Bones and Tempest. Tempest is good is friend.
I upset Sir Bones.. No mean to. Is sorry. Quill hear many thing all wrong. Little Common, get messy.
Sir Bones sneaky. Rios hiding under bridge with flag! Make fool of Quill!
Quill no let happen again!

Quill wait with new friend Ash, Kara and Ronnie. We set bad aside, work together. Friend.
We see Rios with flag we work together and kill dead!
Ash get kill, Team Tor won, he deserve flag but give to Quill. Quill is happy to have revenge for made fool. Work good together. Is good.

Cupcake thing good too, orange yum. And corn pop.Is good. Cronon do good, yis?
Quill is excite for next time. Maybe Quill join quest when learn more spell.
Flag catch game is good for new to Realms like me.
I hope understanding Quill. I enjoy game. Is good. Thank.


As a newbie it always helps to get to events a little early so you can meet the event holders and introduce yourself, get known and get to know others and such, but I was requested there early by Sir Tao (James F Murphy) who had generously stepped forward to teach me how to become a caster and help me set up my spellbook.

First on the scene of course was Cronon (Kevin Legace) and since I was early I volunteered to help out, best way to get to know the EH and get my name out there and besides, it’s just the good thing to do.

Cronon was well prepared for the event too, plenty of water for all players, sweet tea, orange creamsicle cupcakes and handmade popcorn all laid out on the tables beside the registry for everyone to dig into.

Soon enough adventurers from across the Realms showed up to take part in the event and compete for the prize. Gathering into teams of three adventurers were quick to chatter and catch up with one another and capture odd little creatures within their fairy boxes (Some folks claimed it was a great Pokemon Event!)

Once everyone was set Sir Tao announced a small mini game section of his Clontarf Casino having players draw from a deck of cards to hold various “Chaos” Games, giving no details on the game itself and offering players a gamble on the outcome with glassware prizes to be won. Games such as diving players in half to fight each other, as well as teams of two and three to fight, a scalping race impressively won by Sir Bones, various card games of who had the lowest heart, even a race for the young adventurers which was taken by Zane  Each game taking place between rounds of the main event.

With the blast of a trombone that could be heard throughout the event area, team Featherfoot were first to cross the bridge and go on the hunt to the flag, but were shortly the first to return dead at the hands of team Qquillian who bore them no mercy.

Rumor quickly spread of an unknown participant. Though a few new faces were around, this one in particular was gaining a reputation quickly. Rumors talked of trolls, others talked of triplets that needed to be killed all at once, others spoke of twins, but no real answer came back to me. Not until much later…

Team Tor and Team Qquillian competed and fought well for the first few rounds of Creathorne’s Capture The Flag. Many competitors could be spotted strewn across the woods, my team and I bumped into a few along our way. Many players being ruthless in their search. Team Tor currently held the lead.

With another round of Chaos games to pass the time it took to hide the flag, the next round soon began and here’s where things get interesting.

My team had unfortunately lagged behind a member and as we waited for them to catch us up we spotted the rumored challenger alongside Sir Bones…. But they spotted us too.

With quick thinking and knowing we stood little chance we took to the woods to lay low, venturing around to hide, cowardly perhaps but wise in that we managed to get away and survive to play a little longer, at the unfortunate expense of our third team member.
Narrowly avoiding being hunted we’d gotten lost and proceeded to wander aimlessly until we heard a strange call.

One of which held a soft and soothing feeling to it, a luring call, beckoning those who would be feeling the days humidity affecting them. Those closest to the starting zone would be powerless to resist the call, however the siren like song was not one of ill will. Many adventurers were grateful and joyous of the creature that visited us. A bright white dragon came to share its hoard of ice treats with those nearby in exchange for little gold. Fondly named “Swirly the icecream dragon” many adventurers who returned too late were envious of those who had gotten to share in the hoard. I personal can vouch that a watermelon popsicle was perfect to battle the heat, and give my gratitude to Vandoria who generously offered gold to get one.

Around now many participants had begun to leave and return to their nations, leaving many teams broken and many participants left to wander in search of trustworthy companions.
Tired, hot and a little more wiser my team and I chose not to venture into the woods again and be lost once more. We sat on the edge of the bridge beside Sir Bones and Tempest and aegerly awaited someone to return with the flag.

A mistake.

After too much prodding and poking Sir Bones gave up and swiftly took my team down and slipped under the very bridge we were upon, returning with the flag that had been right beneath us protected by the unknown challenger the entire time…. Team Rios took a point upon the score board.

Tired. Humiliated. Sore and with more death counts that I had gold I set out for the final round that consisted of 5 participants. As Kara and I crossed the bridge we found another participant appearing to be dead. With kind heart I made to pull out my spell book to raise them, only to be knocked unconscious instead by the very one I aimed to resurrect. I learnt about feign death in that moment.
After a while I soon woke to hear of their plan, they and Kara both feigned death while I sat still...waiting.

Soon enough Ronnie of Thorn Valley ventured towards us.
“Do you appear to be dead?” She called out
It very much seemed like this little newbie had gone and collected a couple trophies but as Ronnie came closer we revealed the truth. It was us… versus Rios. One man. The final round.
Sure enough he came along with the flag tucked into his belt ready to fight past us.

Setting our differences aside we teamed up as a four and worked together to take off his arms. With only the chance to make a run for it, we cornered him, and the final blow was struck just in time. The remaining member of Team Tor. I myself brought the flag back home and earned a rather satisfying point on the scoreboard that made the days efforts worth while. One that could not have been won without teamwork.

The final scores were thus
Team Tor 4
Team Qquillian 1
Team Rios 1
Team Featherfoot 1

Needless to say the prize went to the remaining member of Team Tor.
Ash (Nathan Roby)

The flag itself being the prize of the days event.

All in all an interesting and most certainly fun experience with generous Event Holders and friends to adventure into the woods with.

Thank you Cronon (Kevin) for the great day!

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