Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Boff Brawl - Results and Championship Seeding

The winner of Boff Brawl Round 16 was: Gwen with She-ra!

Winners of the preliminary rounds:

Round 1: Avendar with Lion-o
Round 2: Freija with Aang
Round 3: Raynor with Finn
Round 4: Kindrianna with Leonardo
Round 5: Kovaks with She-ra
Round 6: Tao with Samurai Jack
Round 7: Saegan with Korra
Round 8: Kyro with Skeletor
Round 9: Saka with Korra
Round 10: Malaki with Aang
Round 11: Radstar with Skeletor
Round 12: Janus with Garnet
Round 13: Elizah with She-Ra
Round 14: Trent with Leonardo
Round 15: Gordon with Zuko
Round 16: Gwen with She-Ra

The 16 winners have been placed into four championship Semi-finals as follows:

Semi-Final 1:
Raynor with Finn
Radstar with Skeletor
Freija with Aang
Tao with Samurai Jack

Semi-Final 2:

Saka with Korra
Malaki with Aang
Avendar with Lion-o
Elizah with She-Ra

Semi-Final 3:

Trent with Leonardo
Gordon with Zuko
Kyro with Skeletor
Gwen with She-Ra

Semi-Final 4:

Kindrianna with Leonardo
Kovaks with She-ra
Saegan with Korra
Janus with Garnet

All competitors should prepare a new strategy based around how they will be fighting against the specific opponents that they will be facing and contact Jason Rosa on Facebook Messenger with the description they would like to enter.

Voting and discussion on the first Semi-Final round will happen later this week!

Good luck to all our competitors!