Friday, May 1, 2020

Home Questing: Task 6!

by Christopher "Janus" Donnelly

Here is the form to submit your catchphrase for a god:

As a heads up/warning, judging this week will be done differently than normal, but you’ll find out exactly why later in the week.

If you would prefer to send it to me directly rather than uploading to youtube or some image hosting site, please email it to

The list of people who entered the horror writing contest and earned a bonus 5 points will be taken into account once I get them (the contest was still going when I wrote this up).



Hi all, Janus here and welcome to Home Questing: The Sixth Task.  We received three fantastic hats last week, but let's just go into this week’s challenge, shall we?

This week, I am asking you to make a catch phrase for a God.  The most popular catch phrase will win.  The deadline is Tuesday at noon.  And your time