Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Rumors for May 1020

[Across the Realms]

For the adventurers that have figured out what they are/generally what they look like, the Time Snarls have been picking up in appearances lately; mostly sticking to hay fields, new forests, glens, and groves.  (If your adventurer would like to approach one, let the Rumor Mill know.)

[Eagle’s Rook]

The borders of Eagle's Rook have been closed to travelers/tourism, and to those who aren't of the merchant/trading/healing variety.  This is due to some sort of nature-based blight that has sprung up within its lands, but the Knightocracy is confident that with the right protective measures, the people of Eagle's Rook will be safe and secure, and the lands will eventually return to a 'new normal'.  All questions can be directed at the current Knight Commander, Sir Iawen Penn-Nosetti. (Iawen Penn).


The stone archway near Southland that was built in order to anchor the Vanfrost pathway to Norlund has been acting very strangely. While normally dormant unless being used, the arch has been pulsating erratically with a deep blue light, opening up for moments at a time and then closing again.