Thursday, May 21, 2020

Boff Brawl Semi-Final Match 1

Boff Brawl has been upgraded to Championship Turbo Edition and the fights are sure to be even more epic during these upcoming four semi-final and one championship fights to determine who is the Ultimate Boff Brawl Champion!

Without further ado here is Match 1:

Player 1 - Raynor. Character, Finn.
Raynor and Finn both function very well together, we’re both human sword-fighters who are childlike and grew up in harsh lands, there is no hesitation stepping into this fight and we are in sync immediately. Our strengths combined, we are now made unstoppable. Now, onto our opponents.

Skeletor is an evil lich who uses magic and mind powers against his foes. Luckily for us, Finn has vast amounts of experience dealing with liches and has advanced mind-protection techniques from his time in the Land of Ooo. He has defeated worse liches before. Plus, Skeletor is pure evil and never wins. Plus as the most evil character it is likely he would be the first one attacked by the group. Radstar and Raynor can make up later.

Next, Aang. While Aang might seem a formidable foe, he is inadequately prepared against Finn. Both began as 12 year olds in their respective series, but by their conclusion Aang is still 12 three seasons later, while Finn has grown and is 17 by the conclusion of his own show. Finn can defeat Aang with the most dangerous weapon of all - knowledge. Finn experienced puberty - look out Aang, that one's a doozy! Is Aang prepared to learn that his parents aren't as great as he imagined? I don't think so! You might also think that Finn wouldn't fight Aang because he isn't evil - but by abandoning the world when they needed him most, he is directly responsible for thousands of deaths, including the near-complete elimination of his own airbender tribe. Aang is evil enough to be eliminated.

Lastly, Jack. Another sword fighter, valiant and prepared against Aku, his own dark nemesis. While in another universe they might have worked together, in this universe Jack is controlled by Tao. All we need to do is aim for the knees (might be strong on Jack, but I'm sure Tao would flinch for at least a second!) and that's the opening in an otherwise fairly even match. And if Jack isn't evil, Raynor can at least convince Finn that Tao is evil. He has taken large sums of my gold through unfair games! The house always wins! Can't go back to the past on that one, Jack.

Player 2 - Radstar. Character, Skeletor.
Using subterfuge I would have them all take one another out for me.

Player 3 - Freja. Character, Aang.
Aang has a slew of talents at his disposal, but most importantly he has incredibly high flexibility. He is able to think quickly on his feet and use the best strategy for a situation. This combines with his ability to easily bend any of the four elements to make him very difficult to predict. He has relatively high hand-to-hand skills especially used in concert with his bending. His air bending lets him escape from tight situations by simultaneously knocking his opponents back and rising above the battlefield to strike from above. He would try to keep his distance from opponents, relying on bending to make ranged attacks. His air bending makes his fighting style very fluid and defensive, focused on turning aside or dodging enemy attacks and counterstriking. And, if all else fails, Aang has the Avatar state—an incredibly powerful form that can wipe out entire armies in seconds. This would, however be a last resort as it only occurs when Aang is in true danger. His greatest weapons are his versatility and mobility.

Player 4 - Tao. Character, Samurai Jack.
The sword swings rightly
Honor guides its deadly blade
Betrayal possible

Skelator once found, He Can be sneaky,  is the first match I look for. The blade strikes bone as well as flesh. While they that control this unholy beast is my measure in experience; the might of the mountain will not fall to dust and bones. Get them in the open; dismantle them, one bone at a time.
Finn, half a team, strong morals, week shoulders, not an easy match. While I feel some conflict, I have seen his actions and deeds. The deeds that he so often has to go and fix; Never alone, always with friends. He cannot clean up his own mistakes alone. The person who decides the how and the where is cleaver, smart and a very valuable part of a team; But, alone? with no friends? he shall fall.
Aang, this will break my heart, but the Aang I know does not have the concentration to follow through, present a large wild beast and they will be too distracted to be effective. This pilot I know less of, expect more surprises, unusual strategies, but their inexperience will be there downfall. While I respect the person, in combat they are still a little too fresh.

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