Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Boff Brawl - Round 16

The winner of Boff Brawl Round 15 was: Gordon with Zuko!

Winners so far:
Round 1: Avendar with Lion-o
Round 2: Freija with Aang
Round 3: Raynor with Finn
Round 4: Kindrianna with Leonardo
Round 5: Kovaks with She-ra
Round 6: Tao with Samurai Jack
Round 7: Saegan with Korra
Round 8: Kyro with Skeletor
Round 9: Saka with Korra
Round 10: Malaki with Aang
Round 11: Radstar with Skeletor
Round 12: Janus with Garnet
Round 13: Elizah with She-Ra
Round 14: Trent with Leonardo
Round 15: Gordon with Zuko

After this last preliminary round, four championship semi-finals will be seeded. The winners above will each get a new chance to devise a strategy knowing exactly who they will be up against. The four winners of the semi-finals will compete to win the title of Ultimate Boff Brawl Champion!

Now for round 16!

Player 1 - Zarine. Character, Skeletor.
Strategy: I find myself to be quite capable, and as such I have chosen the combatant most like myself. There is nothing more powerful than scathing sarcasm and overwhelming hatred of others ineptness. His skill with alchemy is not to be overlooked, as even if the gods of the realm seem to have been trying to nerf it for years, they have colossally failed in that endeavor much like my opponents will fail to overcome Skeletor's sadistic cruelty. He's powerful with magic but it's not a crutch; when you don't immediately forfeit after he summons a mirror to show you how woefully unfashionably you fight, he'll simply cut you down while you wonder why all that fur didn't stop a sword blow. Oh, and he has a panther and he spent all the time he should have used coming up with a better name than Panthor training it to rip to your face off, which will be an improvement, honestly.

Player 2 - Artair. Character, Aang.
Strategy: I would tell him to focus on primarily defensive/avoidance, letting others fight among themselves and knocking his opponents into vulnerable positions with use of air gusts for both mobility and to knock opponents off guard..

Player 3 - Arryn. Character, Zuko.
Strategy: I would tell him to try to stay at range and overwhelm single targets.

Player 4 - Gwen. Character, She-ra.
Strategy: Trying to decide between several extremely powerful fighters was difficult but in the end I settled on She-ra. One of the skills I value most in combat is versatility and the ability problem solve whatever you face. She-ra's Sword of Protection is the ultimate weapon because it can become any other weapon and allow her to use what is best for the situation. She also has a wide array of extremely faithful friends that fight along side her, and that's what makes a person truly strong! In this battle I would tell her to team up with another fighter who has similar goals and work together to beat the others. Then challenge them to honorable combat when only they remain.