Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meet the Merchants- Custom by Design

What is your shop called, and who runs it?
Custom by Design and it's run by me (Becky "Naralia" Garbos). Sometimes when I am at an event, I'll some one else sit there.  But it is all me that makes the items.

What do you sell?
I sell mainly bracelets.  But I am starting to branch out into rings and earrings.  I also do duct tape roses and duct tape wallets.  Everything can be customized.

What are your preferred currencies?
I prefer real world money for most of my items.  But I am willing to use the barter system some some of my items.  One would just have to get in touch with me.

Where can an adventurer find your wares?
I can be found at several different places...

You can also find me at some events.  I tend to keep a selection of my wares on me.  So if you see me out and about... I can usually help you out.

What makes your wares super awesome?
My wares are super awesome because they are all custom made and made with love.  I will do my best to go above and beyond for my customers.  I have a wonderful order book where my customers can pick the colors of the item they are ordering.

Anything else?
I value customer service.  I try my hardest to treat all my customers as if they are the most important person to me and give them the type of service I would like to receive.

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