Monday, February 18, 2013

Question of the Week - 80

What do you think about event sites where we have to share the site with "mundanes", such as Mine Falls?


  1. Its my opinion, that, although it lowers the immersive attitude of the event, it does also allow people to see us fighting, roleplaying, and generally having a good time. Passers are encouraged to join us in learning our rules and routines. Think of it as a good PR opportunity. That is the reason such places are generally chosen as "newbie" events. -Piper Lightfoot.

  2. Meh. I don't really *like* it, but since sites like mines falls are free to use, I feel like the cost can mitigate the annoyance of wandering mundies. If I pay 30 bucks to get into the event, I'm much less inclined to be accepting of interuptions than I am if I'd payed 5.

  3. I saw a few mundanes have what I assume was genuine interest and questions at Tournaments of the Void this last year. I was not in, nor near, the conversations, but I assume it was good PR about what we were doing. I think it's fine, but yes, I'm also glad we have sites separate enough to fully immerse ourselves in the game.

  4. I love that it is easy to get to and free for the EH's. And when EH's are creative about using the site it's great. I have been to some events at mines falls where the EH's make the event off of the main trail. It makes it so we don't have to stop as often and break the flow of the game do to mundanes walking, jogging, biking, etc... When the event is on the main path, it makes everything frustrating. The amount you have to stop depends on how nice a day it is. The nicer the day, the more people there are.