Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet the Merchants- Karmha Creations

What is your shop called, and who runs it?
Karmha Creations and Karmha Celestine (KC) runs it.  Out of Character, Casey Lemay.

What do you sell?
Mostly customized tabards and banners, leather masks, leather accessories (jewelry, hair clips, and i made a pair of leather cos-play ears) magic accessories (pouches, magic missiles, and other various stuff), and i have done award certificates for TOC, Tournaments of the Blue Rose, Tournaments of Artemis, Tournaments of Chaos and many more. 

What are your preferred currencies?
Real money currency so far once i get the shop up and running at events this year there will be more in game currency.

Where can an adventurer find your wares?
Right now they can find samples of my work on my Karmha Creations Facebook page.  Most of my orders are done through in person contact or by facebook.  I plan on setting up shop at events this year once i get more items to stock it with.

What makes your wares super awesome?
I have made many tabards and banners for Nations of the realms some of them include Grimloch, Folkestone,Rhiassa, and Blackwood.  I am willing to donate customized items to auctions for a good cause.  And have created alot of personal heraldry for people including Knights of the Blue Rose, Newbies just looking to have their own symbol, and Syruss, one of my first and most loyal customers.  I used various methods such as patch work, screen printing, and airbrushing to do my designs.  And when it comes to creating a design i go through a proofing process to make sure you are happy with the end product.  

Anything else?
Basically you think of something cool you want made and i can figure out a way to get it done. Props, Tabards, Banners, and anything awesome i can do. I may be looking for an apprentice soon to help run my shop and to teach my many secrets of the trade to.  If anyone is interested please let me know.  

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