Monday, August 19, 2013

The Troll King's Bride- An Epic Poem by Forge (Tucker Noyes)

Our heroes six set of to South, Far North from Folkestone Hall A mix of black, blue, white and gold To heed the Heart Queens call, First among them was from Folkestone General Mestpoh, proud and bold With an iron will and magic strong And disposition of the old Second in line marched a man of the Mark General Kahlenar in gold and black With a sword as sharp as his wit Though little had he tact The seneschal was third on the march Dame Phoenix, Knight and Mage A healer, smith, with combat spells And wisdom of a sage Fourth comes her apprentice Kaelkatar A caster young but frightening The Queens Champion Mage Armed with spells of lightning Fifth marched the mighty champion The youngest of the team Raynor Skyline stands tall and proud And held high in esteem Finally came the parties Queen One who comes armed to the tooth For Killian went and aimed to win And hoped that to be the truth The six set off, to the Queen of Hearts, Traveling far to Cold Springs A short day’s journey turned much longer Due to beasts and nasty things Not long after crossing into Rhiassa The group had stopped to wait For their fair Queen to relieve himself Down by the rivers straights Long had passed since Killian left His party thought that queer When they went to seek him out Killian was not near A set of tracks turned into two Down by the rivers bed Captured they thought, so they endeavored To follow where they lead. Not long did they travel until they found A troll so foul and mean The supporters drew arms and shouted “Where have you taken our Queen!” “Your puny queen, we have taken To our mighty king, Where she will be presented With her marriage ring” “For the troll kings knows a true king must Have a bride to be And your queen is the prettiest troll That our king has seen.” With that Kahlenar jumped to action As he rolled across the ground His sword swinging wildly to and fro But a quarry nary found The giant troll took his opportunity And raised his axe on high And brought it down upon Kahlenar Cutting chest to thigh But Phoenix wasted no time here And moved to heal his ail With a few magic words she had restored His injuries and his maille Again Kahlenar leapt into the fray Piercing the trolls tough skin And the troll fell dead in its tracks ‘Neath Kahlenars menacing grin So forth set the supporters to a cave Following the remaining trail As it lead to tunnel dark and deep As they entered the darkling veil Through the tunnel they traversed the cave Until they came to a chasm far and wide A rope bridge once made a crossing Was cut from the other side But Mestoph stepped and with all his might He shouted through the cave While echoes of his mighty voice Repeated the speech he gave “Kurt this is nonsense There’s places we must be These stones above may be stubborn But not as much as me” The stalactites trembled at his might And fell from the upper ridge Down they plunged across the gorge And formed a stony bridge So again they traveled forward Out of the cave they came A second troll was waiting for them But our heroes were too brave “Turn back you tiny humans, Our king will have his wedding day There is not a thing that you can do So you might as well turn away. But Kael had grown tired of these trolls And stepped up to end this dolt With a crack of thunder and a flash of light He hurled his lightning bolt In a moment the troll questioned decisions As the lightning flew through air But all the troll had time to do Was give a moonstruck stare Finally they came to a mighty tower That rose up to the clouds The doors were sealed and barred But a top they could hear sounds “Puny human you will be my queen And together shall we rule And conquer all Rhiassa From that short loud-mouthed fool” Far below Raynor drew his sword And up the tower climbed Hearing the ceremony coming to close As he was running out of time “My queen I vow to care for you And you I shall protect” But Raynor reached to top And exclaimed “I object!” The troll king was quite furious And roared and ugly roar And brought his blade down upon Raynor With all the strength he bore But Raynor was quick to act And dodged the troll kings blow He drove his sword into the troll kings heart And felled and mighty foe

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  1. The shadow puppet play was really awesome, and refreshingly different. Rose and I loved it!