Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why I Want to Go- Folkestone Questing 2013

Folkestone Questing 2013: War!
August 31, 2013 (Saturday 12pm) - September 2, 2013 (Monday 5pm)
Event Type:Questing

[Disclaimer: The author of this article is a member of the staff for this event.]

War comes to the Realms! This is a quest-style war wherein the players will be looking to stop the forces of the Shadowking as he attacks the Realms. Folkestone Questing has a reputation as being good, solid quest events and this one will be no different (ok, maybe even better than before). Saturday will feature the players questing for resources to augment their defenses, following by an all-out assault where their preparation will be put to the test. Sunday will offer up a chance to strike back at the Shadowking (assuming everyone is not dead at this point). Monday, we pick up the pieces. This event will feature lots of combat, lots of questing and lots of role-playing choices thrown into the mix. IT should be a good time for everyone.


  1. Is either this weekend (quest and feast) on a dry site? Ive heard that certain areas of this site or entire site has been 'damp' before and some years desert dry. I couldnt find it in the write up for either and was mostly curious if I should bring some wine to enjoy with the tasty meal more than drinks for the quest. Thanks!

    1. The site is officially dry and no alcohol can be seen on site. Therefore wine at the feast will not work.