Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WIWtG Opera House

The staff of this plot line has piles of experience throwing and playing this game, and are known for doing miles of work with other games, too.  I'm sure that will help them shine with their next exhibition with Opera House 2: Silence Falls.

While I confess to missing the First Act last year (which was carried out during a crazy blizzard, an impressive feat!) I heard great things about it.  The crew faced some real challenges with attendance issues with NPCs and PCs, but still pulled off a solid plot start in spite of New England's attempts to ruin their event.

This year, the event seems to be a bit of a mystery, and I, for one, am terribly intrigued by the write up.

I do love a good mystery.

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  1. As staff, I just have to say...

    Curious? You really should go, if you can. It'll be fun. ;D