Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

While there is much in our everyday lives to be thankful for, we pause now to consider the things that we’ve been fortunate to do and receive thanks to Realms.

-          We’re grateful for our chainmail patterned sunburns and bow bruised arms, without which we would not have gotten a chance to tell such silly stories to the mundanes in our lives.

-          We’re grateful that we’ve learned that the best toys can be made ourselves from bamboo, foam, and duct tape.

-          We’re grateful that despite our studies, jobs, and stressful lives we regularly get outside and PLAY!!

-          We’re grateful that we get to go to fantastic feasts that get thrown on non-holidays and experience dishes like Cherpummple.

-          We’re grateful we’ve had the opportunity to both be heroes and give others a chance to do so.

-          We’re grateful for our family, forged not by blood but by bonds strengthened with parties, fights, reconciliations, and questing till blue o’clock.

We, the staff of the View from Valehaven, wish you and yours a Thanksgiving filled with joy, happiness, and pie.


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