Friday, November 28, 2014

Fireside Chat with Lucas

Photo by Jesse Gifford
Lucas is a pretty busy elf, so for this interview, I settled for a missive exchange. I can't say the answers surprised me, much.

Where are your parents today?
My mother resides in Tuath Dannan, safely away from the destruction that my father brought into her life.  My father, well he is dead and the world is a safer place for it.  Or rather, he has not returned to the Fae cycle.  So one day he will return, it is a forgone conclusion. I do not look forward to seeing him alive and walking the worlds again.
What are you most proud of accomplishing?
This may sound odd, especially coming from  a man of my reputation.  During this past Black and White Masquerade Ball, I managed to not cry during Royal Court.  When Sir Shandar presented me with custom made weapons, after telling the Court the story of how he and his friends had been presented with loaner weapons and armor at Queen of Hearts.  
Photo by Jessica Osio
It was a touching moment, not simply because I had seen what that young man had become.  But when I stopped to think about all that had come about, because of that one man.  His nation, his friends, the betterment of weapon construction in the game, the Order of the List, and how it was all simply because I casually took the time to welcome and help a young adventurer.  One act, and how many it has affected and touched for the better.  An impressive accomplishment by any standards.
What is your next quest?
There are villains and monsters left in the world?  I was away for ten years and you were not able to resolve all the grief and woe in the world?  Wait, are you insinuating, that you expect me to clean up the mess you have not dealt with yet?  I am less than amused.
Where do you get your power?  
I am the Champion of Faerie, I am the hero who defeated the Bujam, I slew the Ravenor, I brought Deathwalker low, I cleared the Banin from Brandon's Pass, I am Sir Lucas Harkon.  That is enough for me.
If you could be granted any wish, what would it be?
I want a magical mirror that tells me I am the prettiest elf in all the lands.  
(Note: Lucas didn't answer this question, so I did-- T)
A bag filled with ten thousand gold just fell on your lap.  Now what?
Photo by Jesse Gifford
Why are mortals preoccupied with the gathering of coin?  I would hand the bag of coin to the Royal accountant and have it distributed for bridge building, famine relief and armoring the militia.  I would request receipts, simply because it is expected by the accountant.
What does your bedroom look like?
I have no idea, as my wife is currently having it redecorated to reflect something she refers to as "our taste."
What advice do you have for a new adventurer?
Do not be an ass.  That one brief sentence will get you far in life, even after the shine of this lifestyle has worn off, not being an ass will continue to get you far.  
Tell us about your favorite feast dish.
Lady Cassia's Dragon Chili.  Being a lady of impeccable taste, she used steak in-place of ground beef to make her chili.  No wonder Lord Oberon kidnapped her to cook for the Fae Courts.
Explain your personal heraldry to us.

The ancestral heraldry of Clan Harkon has always been a silver jousting helm, the heraldry of Chimeron is a silver rowan branch. It seemed only natural to combine the two for myself.

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