Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Felwood- by Steven "Therian" Matulewicz

I think I am in a fairly unique situation, in that the Felwood (a sub-nation of Chimeron) is my home, where I was born and raised.  I did not join so much as I have always been here.  It is just within the recent years I have decided to make the forest more than just a forest, to let people know it exists and would welcome new family.  I created the country because I did not want to be alone any more.

Our strengths lie in or ability to observe, to speak plainly and to act, in the service of protecting our nation and the Realms as a whole.  We want truth, and to spread the truth.  Silence is the enemy.

Our weakness presently is we are small: there are only 3 of us.  So from a martial standpoint, we are not strong yet.   But what we lack in numbers, we make up with in diversity.

What I get out of it, first and foremost, is family.  The second is perspective.  These are clear minded people that may not act as I would, but they act with a clear head and a keen eye.

To add a bit to what I was saying IC, I feel that the country is an attempt to fill a role within the Realms for those who do not want to RP someone used to a town or city.  I wanted to create a community or people who are a bit more RP- based, but are dedicated to helping make the Realms function in some way.  Since each new person will add to the over- all design of the country, it will tend to evolve over time to its purpose and ability.

What I get out of it is an opportunity to play the game in a way I have not previously and to stand outside my own comfort zone to try and learn new things and have different experiences,  I have been in the Realms for 24 years, so making the game new for myself and to convey what I have learned is important to me.  The Felwood allows me to do that.

Written by Master Sir Therian/ Steven Matulewicz

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