Thursday, February 26, 2015

What You Missed, Feast Of Creathorne by John "Tallon" Berrini

Heading to Feast of Creathone chords of an 80s power ballad get my heart pumping as I approach the site. The outline of a new expansive hall through the magic of slowly falling snow emerges as we enter the parking lot.
Photo: Jesse Gifford
The feast hall scene is immersive, decorated with banners from nations new and old. The sound of period music can be heard behind the backdrop of characters engaging each other in lively talk. The aroma of good food and bacon greet eager palates.

Walking through the gathered masses, Order of the list tournaments have attracted much attention. There is a wide field of competition with precision shots striking with recognizable thumps. When the dust settled it seemed that Guilliam had come out on top.
Photo: Jesse Gifford
Kitchen staff hit another home run. Chicken alfredo was prepared to a high standard and is a favorite of mine. Treats and multiple dinner courses were appreciated.
Eris did mom and dad (Shandar & Kiira) proud singing "Over the Rainbow". Aiden sang “Good Night Demon Slayer” and took second place. Garharz took the cake with a song parody touting himself as a worthwhile mercenary for hire. His prize was an item of choice.

Rillian won the Gambler's tournament.
Magical Moment by Jesse Gifford
Court held a few surprises. Tallon, long time leader of Neden, and its founder, stepped down and had Nymbous take his place. Guilliam took a new squire, Saka, into the Knights of the Sable Dragon. Zatara was in a new Achoria tabard, having chosen his providence of Blackwood.

All in all, the day sounds like it was wonderful, and a good time for friends, food and general folly. ---Kelly

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