Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bardic Circle: Swoop's Sonnet to Princess Bryn

 During court at the Black and White, Swoop performed a sonnet to Princess Bryn, as part of a squirely task from Sir Rorin of the Knights of the Red Branch.

The Realms was graced with a princess so fair

A McKrye girl who yearned for finer things

Of days drinking tea with nary a care

Nights filled with dance, gallivanting with kings

Demure and sweet, always light on her feet

Our princess fair is quick with her sharp wit

a smile brimming wide, fool's errand to beat

Charming the crowds with a wave of the wrist

Whilst lady's heart resides in bosom deep

a conqueror's passion burns bright inside

silencing foes to their eternal sleep

Dark'ning the sun with arrows that true fly

So trouble not those who frolic in skirts

For they may pummel you into the dirt.

[All photos by View staff]

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