Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What You Missed - Feast in Fairhaven

 by James "Sir Tao" Murphy
I arrived at the feast hall early as the Blackwood Clontarf casino had been invited to set up shop. The hall was perfect for this event. Obviously the hunters of Fairhaven had been very busy as many trophies decorated the walls.
Early in the day I had had some business but it had been light so far. During a break from the tables I happened to be outside when a small horde of human barbarians showed up and started swinging at the guests. There appeared to be a servant of Hel (one “L”) who was nigh indestructible. He was able to throw magic that would literally freeze us in place. He could also throw lightning bolts. With him was a (his?)  champion who was able to be affected by normal weapons but when he fell and was raised by the servant of Hel, also became indestructible (for a short period).  The rest of the horde were very good fighters who could also freeze us in place. As we could not affect the servant, and sometimes the champion, we were quickly defeated and apparently the servant and the horde got bored and walked away into the woods.
We gathered what strength we had and learned that there was a druid in the woods that probably had more answers to what happened and what we could do. Before we set off, I asked Edonae for help with two of the newest fighters (first event) that were joining us to grant them help. Edonae granted them spirit armor that they could call for the day. It was weaker than normal armor but we were taking all the help we could get. As part of the bargain, Edonae tasked me with presenting five of the most interesting leaves that I could find in the woods we were about to enter.
The druid was able to tell us that that there were three totems scattered along the path and that if we performed certain things we would be able to affect the servant and win the day. The druid's first quest was to find a small brown wooden piece of a magic sphere that had dropped out of her hand into leaves on the ground (in this we were not successful, she later found it on her own). This first quest was obviously a portent of things to come.
The druid let us know that we had to consecrate the ground around each totem. The way to do that was to surround the totem with salt, “call the directions”, have a person perform a complicated dance, and then solve a small wooden puzzle.
Well, the message of the order of doing things was not paid attention to very well. We started to do these things at the first totem and did them all in the wrong order. Some magic later and we had the right way to do things. The first one is always the hardest.
While other people were figuring this out, I was able to talk to the servant in between him throwing things at me. I learned he was from Hel, and that my memory of Norse legend was lacking. (Really? The three-headed dog was not Norse? Crud, was that finfar? Crud). He finally got tired of throwing things at me and generally ignored me from then on.
After we had completed the first totem it was discovered that the person who was supposed to hold on to the small wooden puzzle pieces had lost some of them in the leaves and the sticks, and he was not sure where he was when he lost them. So back to the druid one more time, she was able to sanctify one of the pieces we had so it would work for the second totem. 
At this point with the help of the two fighters Edonae had blessed with armor, I had gathered the five leaves. I presented them and was blessed with the ability to cast raise dead once on everyone that could hear me as well as access to some seer spells.  Using the seer spells, we figured out that the servant was a servant of Hel and Loki was involved.  If instead of finishing a puzzle at the third and final encounter we instead did some kind of mischief that would work.
About this time the Druidess had decided to accompany us on our excursion which was good as she had a lying turtle that could raise us with its shell. Many things about that sentence I do not understand. But it was not to be the weirdest animal-related thing that we did that day.
At this point another spellcaster stepped up and said that he had a song to Loki written in his spell book. We decided that would work.  It was also about this time that my newly-acquired abilities from being turned into a troll failed me. Up to this point a protection that Edonae had granted me had blocked the effect of being frozen in place. Unfortunately it stopped. (Because I am a darn dirty cheater that thought that resist death would protect me, but this was not a damaging effect.)  After some false starts we were able to sanctify and remove the second totem. At this point I was once again able to cast a seer spell and find the path that lead to the third and final totem. On the way a few of the members had learned that we needed to go into a swamp to get the “knitted nut,” which they did.
At the final totem much confusion happened. I had used the salt, but I was unsure if anyone had done the rest of the steps. Also, the servant and the champion were much more prevalent and causing problems. We finally got our act together and were able to sanctify the ground. As soon as that happened we were all frozen in place and maniacal laughter was heard by all. That is always a good sign. 
The druid told us that while the servant had been weakened. he still needed to be banished. To do this, we needed to feed her pet squirrel the “knitted nut,” and throw it at the servant while saying “Squirrel of Banishment!” Yup, more questions that I don’t want answered.
The squirrel seemed ok with this plan so we journeyed to where the servant, the champion, and the small horde were. A young helper feed the squirrel and passed it to me. I walked calmly up to the servant and when he turned his attention to someone else threw it at his back. Very soon after I was brought down by the horde and did not see the rest of the fight. From what I understand from the accounts of others, the young helper was able to recover the squirrel and throw it at the servant again at which point he was banished. The champion and the horde were soon defeated without the servant to raise them. The squirrel ran back to the druid.
I was back up just in time to enjoy the food, lots of it. Three different types of soup, breads, several different types of butter, slow cooked spicy bear, pulled pork, different types of cottage pie, cupcakes, apple crisps, and snacks galore. 
During a break in the food, the Lord stood and offered a toast, and he awarded a box to the mage with the Loki song (whose name I still can’t remember, sorry) for his snazzy garb.  A few of the other people graced us with dance, and I even sang a song.
After that the gambling tables were running again and people left as some had long rides home on their horses. 
What you missed was a fun quest, fantastic food, and a good time.

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