Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What You Missed - Echoes of Ragnarok: Svartalvheim (photos)

[Editor's note: photos by View Staff]

Jomsvikings Ulric and Sigrid greet the arriving adventurers

The Vanfrost to Svartalvheim is created

Tools of the trade, as important as weapons in this realm

Many nodes were scattered about the walls of the caves

Having fun with the mine cart

Tracks were blocked at times by doors that were opened by various means

Putting the picks to good use mining ore

Traversing the caverns and corridors

Adventurers encountered undead dwarves, controlled by evil black elves

Working on a control panel to make switch the track in the right direction

More fighting

Placing ore into the proper receptacle to clear the track going forward

Looking out over a pit of lava

The dwarven forge

Using ore to forge weapons

Lava golems would burn up any track they walked upon

Capturing the lava golem to allow track to be laid

Adventurers found themselves in a room full of dwarven robots

Robots needed to be manipulated onto the panels to clear the track

Fighting black elves from the stonghold of the good dwarves

Single combat using the  newly-forged god weapons

Fighting against the black elves with the evil version of the god weapons

Adventurers pour out of the stronghold

The final challenge, using Mojolnar, the Hammer of Thor

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