Thursday, November 26, 2015


Michael Zajak "Swoop"
Agency, the ability to enact change on the things around you. When we talk about empowerment, we talk about people having an effect on something tangible in their lives. Whether it be themselves or a situation around them. Many situations in games, not just plot points, give me a feeling that I can help make people's lives better by using my powers and actions. A lot of real life is not like that, you get told what to do and thats all there is to it. Being released from those confines every week is liberating.

David Hayden "Vawn"
I'm grateful for having been given the opportunity over the years to face and deal with a wide range of situations in which the worst potential outcome was my having to make up a
 new character. Skills like confidence and leadership translate directly to the real world, and it's hard to be intimidated by some uppity mid-level bureaucrat after facing down the likes of Black Annis swinging 'Wayland' and a wave of Bedlam threatening to swallow you up.

Also Dave
I'm grateful that the game allows me to occasionally kick the ass of someone half my age in a 'sport'.

Sam Teatum "Ezra"
I'm grateful for all the amazing people in our game. When I joined the Realms I was never
expecting to find a second family, but now that I have, I can't imagine life without them. We have an amazing community of people who help support each other as we learn and grow, and that's wonderful.

Aaron Metzger "Rel"
I'm grateful Realms is more than just a game, but a real community which cares and looks out for each other.

Steven Matulewicz  "Therian"
What I am thankful for the the opportunity the Realms gives me. This microcosm can help us work on our personal character and honor, can help people learn skills and crafts, how to run a business on a starter/ small scale, and can even influence our jobs and lives with planning events, organizing teams and figuring out puzzles, as well as moral dilemmas. I am thankful for the opportunity it gives to become more than I was, and be part of more than I am.

Alex Megapainintheass Newbold "Lucas"
I am glad that Kelly doesn't edit and I slipped this in here.  Its a good thing that part of this community is good nature joking with and on each other.  Or else I'd be in a world of trouble here.  I
mean seriously, how much would this stink if I'd done this in an official business meeting?  Wow, she's gonna be so mad at me.
    PS-She does edit.  -K

Ed Drummond "Tuilli"
I would say the community itself. In this game I found some fantastic mentors. Some for role
play some for fighting and some for fun and shenanigans. It's a blend of all of these things, along with a personality is as I get to encounter through this game that make it great. I don't social much, but this game gives me a great feeling of community.

Kelly Bonci "Twenaria"
We see all over this page how grateful we are for the community. That means we are grateful for each other. For most of us, this game has become more than a community of people, it has become a way we have found close friends and family. Some of us have literally found our family here, but we have also created our family out of the bonds found in this game. I know my family isn't just who I am related to. My daughter has so many Uncles and Aunts, and most of them are not blood. I am grateful so many of you allow me to teach my daughter about what love is, and how key it is to true happiness.

Nick Quardrini "Raynor"
I'm thankful to live in a country where there are lots of stupid people, and many kind hearted ones - and I'm thankful to know many in both groups.  I'm thankful for my health, and my family's health.  I'm thankful for the Realms - where I have met so many wonderful friends and had opportunities I would never have had outside of this community.  And of course, I'm thankful for turkey.

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