Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

As we gather together with family and friends, eat tons of food and lots of pie (go pumpkin!), look through the holiday shopping ads, and generally reflect on life and the things we are thankful for, we are reminded that we are part of a special group, this group of Realmsies, and that the game has also given us a lot to be thankful for over the years:

 - We are grateful for the bonds of friendship and family that we have made through our years in this game, bonds stronger than we ever would have thought possible

- We are grateful for the Realms community itself, with its eclectic mix of people that we might not have otherwise gotten to meet

-We are grateful for the people who make up that community, who are always ready to step up and help another community member in need

- We are grateful for those members of our community who have served, are currently serving,  or who will serve our country in the future, who put everything on the line to protect our way of life as we know it

- We are grateful for the energy and enthusiasm of our newbies, year after year, who bring fresh eyes and ideas into the game and help us all stay young at heart

- We are grateful too for our oldbies and veterans, who  helped to shape the game as we know it today and continue to stand as pillars and anchors of the game and the community

- We are grateful for the many talented craftspeople, artists, and others that pour their heart and energy into creating things for us to garb ourselves in, display, carry, use, and otherwise enjoy, helping to elevate our community

- We are grateful for the event-holders of the Realms, who take the time and expense upon themselves to put together new, different, and exciting experiences for us. Without events, there would be no Realms. 

- And last but not least, we are thankful for all of those who have taken the time this year to write articles, take pictures, and submit other types of content for the View. We truly appreciate your efforts.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, from the View Staff

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