Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WIWTG: Slade Presents and Feast of Autumn's Twilight

This weekend brings us 2 events as far apart in style as we could ask for.  So no matter what you enjoy about our game, this weekend is sure to please.

Saturday, stop by WPI for a solid set of tournaments.  While the description says it will primarily focus on singles tourneys, there is mention of some experimental team tournaments as well.
And, for those keeping track, this is the FINAL day to get extra Order of the List points.  Good luck!

Sunday, don your finest garb, grab your feasting gear, and make sure you wear comfy pants.  A fine plated feast awaits you if you remember to pre reg.  This feast is so fantastic, only a limited number of people are allowed to be happy that day.  There are a couple of seats still open, so if you are quick, you too can be spoiled by this delectable meal.
When you are not enjoying the many courses, enjoy chatting with your fellow feast goers, and play various games with the casino.  So, be sure to bring your gold, too!

No matter which event is to your standard, have fun!

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