Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ask Syruss

Dear Syruss,
I am a guard of the gates of the city of Ivory, so thus my love could never be. With name so Soft, and heart so cold, how could I ever be so bold? I would say till death do us part, but death may be what wins his heart. My shining flower, my perfect dancer; my own true love, my necromancer. How to choose between my career and my duty to this holiest of cities, or my own profane desires to be his undead minion?

Also I’m not sure if he knows that I exist.
~Guard #69, City of Ivory

Dear Your to short to be an Ivory Guard,

First off Ivory has love laws…. Disgusting

Second you must be a new reader or you would have noticed my last passion filled question about the bearded guy and the Creathorne chick that was super shy but I bet had some awesome qualities. ( I am not mocking Creathorne Sir Sean I love you please don’t send angry ravens)

Well If you are too busy to look back through the archives or just wanted personal bit of advice from The Sy Guy then your in luck because I love love.

So you career focused and that is messing with your desire for this other being. Well consider this Love and careers go hand in hand.

Whether or not to put love or a career in front of the other is personal preference and each has its own benefits and consequences. But, experts says that relationships and careers often feed off each other. For example, some workers might be so focused on advancing his or her career that they end up stealing time from their relationship. But, a good relationship can actually be a boon to work, she says, providing support, steadiness and insight. Now in your case you Career directly effects whether or not you can be with this person.

This reminds me of this other couple I helped lets call them Roger and Julia well replace career oaths with feuding families and basically we have you #69.

It comes down to this do you honor your Vow and Oath to maintain the piece and holy light stuff of the goody to shoes Aurora is that Oath still your love? Your passion? Would you be happy doing something else as long as you were with this person?

If you think that this person is your new Passion then you owe to your self to at least explore that.

Maybe try getting this persons attention first (using my awesome tips from last week)
Then see if you too are a match. Why throw away a career you at least at one point in your life loved for a stranger you don’t really know.

Now if it turns out you two guys are a match made in the ALL then by all means throw caution to the wind and explore my friend explore these feelings.

Let me know how this turns out.

And remember its Like Sir Nymbous O’Leary says “ Hey Syruss we are our of whisky you jerk."

He does not always speak words of wisdom.

Hope this helps sorry if it doesn’t, Cheers!

Sir Syruss O’Leary
Knight of the Potentium
Know it All extraordinaire
Helpfully Mostly


  1. Another round of solid advice by the bestest guy around!

    Priest Z

  2. Hey Syruss,
    you spelled my name wrong it is Shean.. not Sean. the Elven alphabet does not have S by it self it is Sh...
    Not a Angry but IF you really loved me you would spell my name right..

    Just a thought :)

    Sir Shean O'Quinnlin

  3. Hey Sir Syruss solid advice ...However Creathorne doesn't have chick's we have Lady's sir.

    Celtrex of Creathorne